Are you ready to be a top performer? 

You need a coach to get to the next level of sales. take out the guess work, and start performing at a higher level.

I've worked with small, medium and large businesses, so I know exactly what it takes to level up in the sales world. It's time to work with a coach that demonstrates proven strategies, processes and methods that will take you to the next step of your career or business.

The Level Up Sales Playbook™

coaching program

The Details

 This 3 month program is designed to level you up as a Sales Leader. No matter if you are a Sales Manager, Team Lead, or an aspiring Sales Leader, there is weekly content to keep you accountable, supported, and guided throughout the 3 months. If you are looking to develop your very own Sales Leadership Playbook for success, this program is for you.

You also have an exclusive group with like-minded people, and work sheets after each module. Planning to achieve more without strategy means nothing. That's why I will coach you every step of the way.

Work with a coach that helps you plan, improve and execute strategies.

Looking for accountability, interaction and support? You have a Facebook group with enrolled students in the program.

Weekly coaching, guest speaker, fillable worksheets and more!

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Looking to work one-on-one with me? Working closely together would be the perfect fit for your business. Why? You get a customized coaching that's best for your current and long term goals.

This means that we will work to map out your goals, have a plan to follow, and provide you with the strategies I've shared with some amazing companies.

It's time to go a level higher in your sales. I'm here to help!

You get a tailor made plan and strategy just for YOUR business needs.

Start seeing results with the personalized guidance while working together.

No more guess work,  missed deadlines and uncertainty about what to do next.

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You will be presented with implementation of key analytics and metrics, industry best practices, necessary new and enhanced sales tools and systems to gain a greater advantage in the sales industry.

Consulting is my thing, and I'm excited to work with you!

Sales process analysis and implementation.

KPI and metric creation.

Sales implementation modeling and strategy alignment.

Tech stack  review and analysis.

Assisting  in job description creation, recruiting and interviewing.

Sales training and development.

I'm Ready!

What is the 1 accomplishment you're proud of in your  career? During my time with Colleen, I was working a huge deal (the biggest in my career). I leaned on Colleen to help navigate some  of the internal battles that come along with quarterbacking enterprise deals and I think it made all the difference. I  was able to close that big deal last year in December.

 I'm very proud of my work on that deal and what I've been able to contribute to the DocuSend team thus far. 


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